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How can I remove a user from the restricted users portal in Microsoft 365?I got blocked by Microsoft 365 from sending email, how to remove myself from the block list?
Can I use Salesflare with LinkedIn?How do I create accounts and contacts in Salesflare directly from LinkedIn?
Can I connect Salesflare to my Apple emails & calendar?How to connect Salesflare to iCloud / using app-specific passwords
Can I insert a clickable link on an image?Here's how to insert a clickable link on a workflow image or email signature 🔗
Do you have a template for import available?Can I import data from excel and other CRM?
How and why does Salesflare suggest accounts?And how should I make use of the account suggestions?
How can I add the Salesflare tracking script using Google Tag Manager?How can I create a Google tag and use it to put the Salesflare website tracking script on my site?
Can I find email addresses for contacts in Salesflare?How does this work?
Can I buy more email finder credits?How does this work?
How does the sales funnel analysis work?What does the sales funnel mean in my insights dashboard?
How to Customize Salesflare to Fit your Team’s NeedsLarge teams vs. Small teams
Can I automate something when someone interacts with my email workflow?Can I trigger something based on replies, clicks, opens, etc.?
Can I make a copy of my workflows?How do I duplicate them?
How can I make custom dashboards & reports?Here's how to customize the Insights, explained step by step.
What features does Salesflare have?Read up on the functionalities here.
How does Salesflare’s email sync work?Where do my emails show up?
How does Salesflare enrich accounts and contacts?Where will I see this data?
What are the notifications for in Salesflare?How does the notification center work?
Are there contact/account/opportunity limits in Salesflare?How many can I create or import?
Is there a limit to the number of users I can invite?How many users can I add to my team?
Can I export my workflow results?How do I get a list of contacts who opened/clicked/replied to/… my workflow?
Can I change my display name and picture in Salesflare?How do I update my user name and/or picture?
Can I set user permissions?How can I restrict what's shared in Salesflare?
What is included in the Pro plan?Which plan is right for my team?
Can I save filters to use them again?How do I save filters that I use often?
Can I create contacts from business cards?Does Salesflare have a business card scanner?
Can I track products in Salesflare?What is the best way to do this?
Can I push my Salesflare tasks to my Google calendar?How do I set this up?
What does Disabling a user do?Can I delete a user from my account?
How do I fill in 'Organisation' and 'Role'?What information goes here?
What are Tags and Custom Fields?When should I use them?
Why isn’t the support chat working?How do I see the Intercom chat window again?
How do I stop sub-calendars from syncing?Can I prevent certain meetings from being pulled into Salesflare?
Can I merge accounts?How do I combine two accounts together?
What are Bulk Actions?What can I use them for?
How do I set up the email sidebar?What is it used for?
How do I set up integrations?What kind of integrations are available?
Where do I subscribe to Salesflare?How do I subscribe to Salesflare?
Is there a Salesflare mobile app?How do I install Salesflare on my mobile device?
How do I set my default calling app?Can I make phone calls from within Salesflare?
How do I create accounts?What are accounts used for?
How do I send an email workflow?Can I send out email sequences?
Do you have a vulnerability disclosure program?Is there anywhere where I can report security issues?
How do I cancel my subscription?How do I delete my Salesflare account?
Can I send test emails?How do I send test emails with workflows?
11 steps to get set up in SalesflareThe ultimate setup guide to get you started
What are user groups for?Can I group users on my team?
What do the insights mean?How are the insights calculated?
How do I filter my data in Salesflare?How do the advanced filters work?
Can I see my top lead sources in the insights?How do I enable the top lead source graph?
How do I hide old opportunities?Can I archive past won/lost opportunities?
How do I delete everything and start over?How do I delete accounts, contacts and opportunities in bulk?
How do I add a team member to all accounts?Can I add a teammate to all accounts automatically?
How do I change my login email address?Can I change my primary email address?
How do I change my password?I forgot my password, how do I reset it?
How do I turn on Salesflare notifications?What kind of notifications will I receive?
What are the regional settings used for?Where can I change my regional settings?
How do I contact support?What are your support hours?
Can I change the order of my custom fields?How do I rearrange custom fields?
How do tasks work?Can I assign tasks to others? Where do tasks appear?
What are predefined custom fields?How do I enable predefined custom fields?
Can I snooze tasks in bulk?How do I complete tasks in bulk? Can I bulk delete them?
Where can I find my invoices?Can I download my invoices as PDFs?
How do I set sales targets?What are targets used for?
Can I make different types of custom fields?What kinds of custom fields can I make?
Will I be charged VAT?How does VAT work?
How is expected revenue calculated?What does expected revenue mean in my insights dashboard?
My own email opens/link clicks are counted when opening mails on my phone or in my email program: how do I solve it?How to prevent your own email opens from being tracked 100% 👌
Data Processing Agreement (DPA)I need a DPA to assure GDPR compliance. Where can I find and/or sign it?
What additional permissions do admins & managers have?An overview of the built-in rights of admins and managers
How do I keep my Salesflare plugin enabled in Microsoft Outlook?How do I re-enable a disabled add-in for Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 or the latest 365 version?
How do I fix my import file?What do the error messages in my 'Fix Import' file mean?
How do I add MailChimp subscribers to Salesflare?Can I add new MailChimp Subscribers to Salesflare?
Can I integrate my accounting software with Salesflare?Can I get invoices drafted for me automatically?
How do I import my data in Salesflare?Can I import accounts and contacts at once?
Can I integrate my address book with Salesflare?How to use Zapier to sync your address book with Salesflare.
Can Slack notify me when I win a deal?How can I integrate Slack with Salesflare?
Can I send bulk emails through Salesflare?How can I send mass emails, do mail merges, or send sequences?
Does my address book sync with Salesflare?How do I get these contacts into Salesflare?
Can won opportunities in Salesflare trigger new projects in Trello?How do I integrate Trello with Salesflare?
How does Salesflare billing work?What will I be charged for?
How do I add users to my team?
My emails are not syncing anymore. How can I fix this?Issues with your email connection & how to remedy them.
Can you tell me about your roadmap?What are your plans? What will you build? 💪
How do I delete something?I have a contact, account, opportunity, phone call, meeting, ... to delete. Where can I find the delete button? 🤔
How do accounts, contacts & opportunities relate?What is the difference between accounts, contacts and opportunities?
What's a "customer" in Salesflare?In "Contacts" there's a tab called "Customers". What does it mean? 🤔
My export shows data I don't need. What should I do?What to do with unneeded columns in Salesflare exports?
How do I manually upload files to Accounts?Can I manually upload files?
Can I use Salesflare for B2C purposes?Can I keep data around contacts?
Do you have an API?Where to find the API key and docs?
How are calls automatically logged to Salesflare?How to stop logging calls manually 😎
How does Salesflare's contact sync work?What does it sync with? When? Where to? What info? 👥
How can I change the default calling app on a Mac?How can I change the default app to handle the tel: handler from Facetime to something else?
How do you keep my account secure and my data safe?In short, what are the measures you take to guarantee maximum privacy & security?
How do I export my Salesflare data?Can I get my Salesflare data in Excel or CSV? 💾
How do I add contacts to an account?When contacts don't show up as suggestions, how to add them? ☝️
Where do the meetings from the calendar appear?I connected my calendar. Where do I see the meetings? 🤔
Can I configure multiple pipelines?Can I create more than one pipeline?
How do I know if my Outlook program is 32 or 64 bit?How can I check whether my Outlook is 32 or 64 bit?
How do I reset Outlook and clear the cache?How can I clear the Outlook cache and get the latest Salesflare files?
Can I do mail merge or email sequences from Salesflare?I'd like to email a list of people. How do I best proceed?
Do you have any how-to videos?Can you show me all the possibilities of Salesflare? 🙋
How can I enable the "Recurring revenue" feature?I'm selling subscriptions. How to track them?
Can I change a contact's email address?The email address is wrong. How can I change it? ☝️
Can I send emails from Salesflare?Or do I send them from somewhere else?
What is shared with my team in Salesflare?What can my team members access and see?
How does the website tracking work?How does it work? How do I install it?
Can I connect multiple email addresses?How do I connect or disconnect these email addresses?
Can I merge contacts with multiple email addresses?I have two email addresses of the same person. How do I merge?
How can I keep notes?Where can I enter them?
Is Salesflare available in multiple language options?Is it available in Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, German, ...?
How do I use the link tracking feature?How do I get the email link tracking to work?
Can my trial period be extended?Can I have a trial extension?
How do I set up the Intercom integration?How can I integrate Intercom with Salesflare?
Why am I asked to fill out a close date? What does it mean?Why am I asked to fill out a close date for opportunities in this stage?
How long does the email sync take?How long does it take for my email to sync?
Email tracking: How does it work?
Can I create custom fields?I'd like to make extra fields. How do I do this?
Where is my data stored?Is it located in Europe? Or in the US?
How can I add a contact to my "Customers" list?When do contacts move to the Customers list?
Does Salesflare work with influencers?Do you have a referral program?
How do I add team members to an account?How can I be added to the team of an account?
How can I connect a calendar?Where can I find this?
What are the conditions to refer a friend?What are the referral program conditions?
Do you have a referral program?What are the conditions to refer a friend?
Where can I find API documentation for Salesflare?I need to integrate Salesflare with other applications, where can I find the API documentation for that?
How do I export and merge my Salesflare data in one place?Can I export all of my data (accounts, import, and opportunities) from Salesflare together?
How can I download my reports and dashboards?Can I export or print my Insights?
How do I manage my tags?How can I delete tags or have an overview of what tags I have?
Partner Program TermsHow can I promote Salesflare?
How to Use a CRM for Investors & How to Set it Up Right 👌
How do I install and set up the Outlook add-in?Here's how to install, find and pin the new plugin for Outlook for Windows (old and new), Outlook for Mac, and Outlook on the web.
How to migrate your data from Salesforce to SalesflareTo correctly migrate your information from Salesforce to Salesflare, follow the steps below
How to migrate your data from HubSpot to SalesflareTo correctly migrate your information from Hubspot to Salesflare, follow the steps below
How to migrate your data from Pipedrive to SalesflareTo correctly migrate your information from Pipedrive to Salesflare, follow the steps below
Email tracking: how can I disable it?How can I disable the email open and click tracking in my outgoing emails?
Why isn't Email Tracking Working When I Test it?I'm sending test emails, but it doesn't track it when I open them.
How can I manually exit or re-enter a contact from/in a workflow?If you are wondering how to manually add or remove a contact from a workflow, this is the article for you.