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What is included in the Pro plan?
What is included in the Pro plan?

Which plan is right for my team?

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Salesflare currently offers three plans; Growth, Pro, and Enterprise.

You can select your plan and payment frequency when signing up, or change it at any time in Settings > Billing & Usage > Overview by selecting ‘update plan’.


The Growth plan includes all the features you’d expect of a CRM as well as the ability to:

  • automate your CRM data input

  • track emails, links, and website visits

  • use a fully functional sidebar and mobile app

  • send personalized email campaigns

Pricing for the Growth plan is $29/user/month billed annually or $35/user/month billed monthly.

This plan works best for single users or smaller teams who are looking for an easy and automated way to keep track of their sales, don’t want to send multi-step email workflows, do not require privacy settings internally, and are content with the standard dashboards in the Insights tab.


The Pro plan is the most popular choice due to its range of features and customization options. The Pro plan includes:

Pricing for the Pro plan is $49/user/month billed annually or $55/user/month billed monthly.

This plan works best for larger teams with varying levels of hierarchy who want to have more control over who sees or can change what. If you want to save time doing email reach out/follow-ups, or if you want to generate more insights from your sales and customer data.


The Enterprise plan includes:

  • ALL the features included on the Pro plan

  • Custom training for your team

  • Your data migration done for you

  • A dedicated account manager

Pricing for the Enterprise plan is $99/user/month billed annually. For more information about the Enterprise plan, please contact us at [email protected]

Questions? Send us a chat! 😀

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