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How do I create accounts?
How do I create accounts?

What are accounts used for?

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The accounts listed in the ‘Accounts’ tab of Salesflare are the companies you are selling to. There are four easy ways to create these accounts.

  1. Using the orange plus button: To create an account, click the big orange plus sign and select ‘Create Account’. 

Then use the built-in search to find the exact company for which you'd like to create an account.

2. Create an account from your contacts list: Select a contact from your ‘My Contacts’ list and click on ‘Create Account’. Salesflare will then create an account for the company that contact works for and add that contact to the account.

3. Create an account from emails (exclusively for Gmail and Outlook users): With the Salesflare sidebar installed, open any email and Salesflare will automatically load the related account in the sidebar. Select ‘Create Account’ and proceed. 

When creating an account in one of these three ways, fill in the account name and website for Salesflare to be able to pull in relevant data. When you fill in the account website, it pulls in data like address, phone number, social profiles, etc. based on what's publicly available. It will also make it possible for Salesflare to suggest contacts that you or your team members already know at the account.

4. Create accounts from the suggested accounts that are based on your email interactions: click on Accounts and then Suggestions. There you can click on the checkmark to accept the suggestion and create the account.

Keep more account info in custom fields

You can also add custom data by clicking the three dot icon at the top of your accounts list and selecting 'Customize Fields'. This brings you to Settings > Customize fields where you can press the orange plus sign in the bottom right to create a new custom field.

Easily add contacts to accounts

Once you have created an account, you can begin adding your contacts to this account. Salesflare suggests contacts for you based on email domain, or you can add them manually by selecting ‘Manage’ underneath the contacts section. Once you add contacts to accounts, all emails, meetings, phone calls, website visits, link clicks with contacts & more are pulled into the account timeline.

Share accounts with your team members

You can add other team members to the account if they too are involved in selling to them. To do this, select ‘Manage’ underneath ‘Team’. Once you invite team members to the account, they too will be able to see the account timeline and the contacts will be shared as well. 

The account timeline helps you keep track of everyone contributing to that business whether that be your colleagues or your customers. 😀

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