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Email tracking: How does it work?
Email tracking: How does it work?
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How do I get email tracking set up?

Install the Gmail or Outlook sidebar. You can find it in Settings > Applications & integrations.

When you send emails from Gmail or Outlook with the sidebar enabled, it inserts open and click tracking in all sent emails.

  • Open tracking: An invisible pixel is loaded in all emails. When the email is opened, the pixel is loaded and an open is detected.

  • Click tracking: All links in the emails get replaced with a Salesflare email link tracking link. When people click on these links, they are forwarded to their destination, but not without tracking their click and dropping a cookie (which helps identify their website visits).

Where does it show?

Opens and clicks are shown in the account timelines.

For opens: Tracked emails are embedded with a grey eye icon, which turns blue when they've been opened by the recipient. Further details are revealed when you hover over the eye icon.

For clicks: Clicks appear as separate events in the account timeline.

What emails do I get notifications for?

You get notifications for the emails that appear in your account timelines.

When you create an account and add contacts to it, you will get notifications for all emails you send to these contacts.

The only prerequisite is that you send the emails from Salesflare or from Gmail or Outlook with the sidebar enabled.

Your own email opens should not be counted.

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