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Where do I subscribe to Salesflare?
Where do I subscribe to Salesflare?

How do I subscribe to Salesflare?

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Now that you’ve given it a go on our free trial, we hope you’re ready to join the Salesflare community!

To subscribe, head to Settings > Billing & Usage. You’ll find a blue ‘Subscribe’ button to click. If you don’t see this page, that means you’re not an admin on your team. If that’s the case, you can either ask an admin on your team to subscribe to Salesflare, or you can ask them to make you an admin in Settings > Manage your team.  Learn how to become an admin here.

First, you will want to fill out the frequency of which you wish to pay. Salesflare has both annual and monthly plans, and it’s possible to change this frequency at any time by selecting ‘update billing frequency’ in Settings > Billing & Usage > Overview. The price per user is 30 per month on the annual plan, and 35 per month on the monthly plan.

After you've selected your billing frequency, enter your payment details and press 'Pay' at the bottom to subscribe! If you're joining us from a country of the EU VAT zone, make sure you have your VAT number.


Once you’ve subscribed, you can always change your billing frequency. For more information on how our billing policy works, check out the article here

After you’ve subscribed, you can head to Settings > Billing & Usage > Invoicing to add your billing address, change your billing email and change your VAT number, if necessary.

In the history tab, you’ll find your invoice history and a PDF icon you can click to download the invoices. 

To invite users to your team, learn how here.

Welcome to Salesflare! We’re happy to have you!

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