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How does Salesflare's contact sync work?
How does Salesflare's contact sync work?

What does it sync with? When? Where to? What info? 👥

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What does Salesflare sync with?

Salesflare creates new contacts based on who you've emailed or had meetings with.

When do new contact appear?

Right after signing up, Salesflare does a full synchronization.

From then on, new contacts are created as they appear, i.e. as you send emails or add meetings to your calendar.

What contact information is being collected?

It immediately picks up email addresses and names from email headers.

It then automatically enriches these contacts with information with:

  • Publicly available info, such as from social media: e.g. social media profiles, pictures, job positions, social media updates, ...

  • Email signatures: e.g. phone numbers, job positions, addresses, ...

Where can I find the contacts?

The automatically created contacts appear in "My Contacts". This list holds the full overview of all your contacts you've emailed or had meetings with ever. It is infinitely searchable and only accessible to you.

When you add these contacts to accounts, then they appear in "Customers". The gathered info is then shared with your full team.

Can Salesflare sync with my Google Contacts?

Salesflare integrates with Zapier, so you can perfectly synchronize your Salesflare contacts with Google Contacts. But also with MailChimp, Intercom, ... and many other systems.

With Zapier, you can automatically update contacts in Salesflare when you add/update a contact in your address book.! Check out how to set it up and use our pre-made template here.

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