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How does Salesflare enrich accounts and contacts?
How does Salesflare enrich accounts and contacts?

Where will I see this data?

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The first step when signing up for Salesflare is connecting your email address and calendar. Once this is complete, Salesflare will start automating much of your data for you.

As your ‘My Contacts’ tab begins populating with the names, email addresses, etc. of those individuals who you’ve emailed and/or had meetings with, Salesflare will also begin further enriching that data.

Contacts with email addresses linked to publicly available data sources may have profile pictures, links to social media accounts, and previous positions filled in based on that publicly available information.

If a contact uses an email signature, it may enrich the data further by populating the phone number, current role and position, social accounts, and address fields. You can find how the data was recently enriched by hovering over the lightning bolt icon if it is present next to a contact’s name.

Salesflare will also automatically enrich accounts based on publicly available data found via the company website. This is why it is important to add the website URL of all accounts created and added in Salesflare. The company website can indicate company size, addresses, phone numbers, general email addresses, logos, social media profiles, and more.

All of this information will be synced without any manual input required. If there are accounts and/or contacts missing information, you can manually enter it by clicking ‘Edit’ under account/contact information, or by importing a .csv file in Settings > Import data of contacts/accounts with this information filled in.

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