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Can I automate something when someone interacts with my email workflow?
Can I automate something when someone interacts with my email workflow?

Can I trigger something based on replies, clicks, opens, etc.?

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Workflow's triggers and actions are now available through Zapier. With this, you can create automations based on actions that your contacts take within a workflow. You can automate things within Salesflare or even automate actions in other software.

Let’s explore some of the triggers and action steps available.

The following triggers exist.

  1. If someone enters or exits a workflow (meeting or not meeting the goal)

  2. If someone opens, clicks or replies to any email in the workflow

  3. If someone opens, clicks or replies to a specific email in the workflow

  4. Or even when specific emails are sent or failed to be delivered

In Zapier, you’ll find the possibilities listed in point 1 and 2 under the “New Workflow Event” trigger and the ones in 3 and 4 under the “New Workflow Step Event” trigger.

Here are some actions that you can create from the triggers mentioned above:

Within Salesflare:

  • Create a contact/opportunity/account

  • Update a contact/opportunity/account.

  • Create a task/meeting/call/internal note

  • Add a contact or user to an account

For example, you can update the stage of your opportunity when a related contact replies to your workflow.

Some other things you can do:

  • Create a task to follow up with a contact if they meet your goal (open, click on, or reply to the email).

  • Update an account/contact/opportunity custom field if someone exits your flow without meeting the goal.

  • Create an account linked to the contact or add that contact to an existing account if they click on a link in your email. This can help to separate warmer leads from colder ones when mass mailing them.

The possibilities are endless!

Finally, you can also use Salesflare to automatically remove people from an email workflow by using the “Remove Contact from Workflow” action. This could come in handy if, for example, a contact fills out a form or interacts with you in some other way outside of the workflow (via text, in person, etc.) so you do not want them to receive the next step in the flow.

You can head to Zapier to try it all out!

Have some more questions? Ping us on the chat.

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