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Why isn’t the support chat working?
Why isn’t the support chat working?

How do I see the Intercom chat window again?

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When working in Salesflare, you can reach us for support and questions by sending us a message in the chat box by clicking the question mark and selecting ‘Talk to us’ or by going to Settings > Support. In either case, it should initiate a chat conversation through our customer communication platform, Intercom.

If you aren’t seeing this chat box, it could be for several reasons. Most often, it is solved by disabling your ad blocker.

You can also try to access the support chat in Incognito/Private mode from your browser.

Pro-tip: If neither of these solutions work, or if you need help and don’t have time to wait and fix it, send us an email at [email protected]. We will respond as soon as possible!

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