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How does the website tracking work?
How does the website tracking work?

How does it work? How do I install it?

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The website tracking feature tracks page visits and shows who visits which pages and for how long.

In order to see the website tracking show up in the account timeline, the following prerequisites must be met:

  • The contact needs to be added to an account

  • The contact needs to have clicked a tracked email link with identification (as described in the Email tracking links guide), so that the device they used is linked to that contact.

Once these requirements are met, website visits from the linked device will show up for the contact in the feed of the account they are a part of.

How do I install the website tracking?

The "Website tracking script" is accessible in "Settings" > "Applications & integrations".

Scroll to "Integrations" and click on the "Show script" button to reveal the code.

Hit copy, then paste the script in entirety at the end of the head section of your website, right before or after the Google Analytics script.

*Note: Website tracking will not work when testing it on the same IP address.

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