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Is there a Salesflare mobile app?
Is there a Salesflare mobile app?

How do I install Salesflare on my mobile device?

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If you’re the kind of person who is constantly on the go, or someone who wants to have all your customers constantly at your fingertips, the Salesflare mobile app is a must-have. Salesflare has an app available for iPhone, Android Phones, iPads, and Android Tablets

Go to your app store, download/install the app, and select ‘Open’.

For Android

For Apple

Allow Salesflare to send you notifications so you don’t miss anything! Sign in with your account and proceed to use Salesflare as you would on your laptop. 

Using the mobile app has perks like call logging, depending on whether you use iOS or Android. 

The mobile app brings the full functionality of Salesflare to your mobile devices so you can manage your sales no matter where you are. 😀

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