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How do I set up the email sidebar?
How do I set up the email sidebar?

What is it used for?

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If you are a Windows Outlook or Gmail user, installing the Salesflare sidebar will allow you to access Salesflare from right inside your inbox. In a handy sidebar, you are able to access your Tasks, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Workflows, and Insights. All features available on the desktop version are available in the sidebar as well!

To install the sidebar, go to Settings > Applications and Integrations and select either ‘Gmail sidebar for Chrome’ or ‘Outlook sidebar for Windows’ depending on your email. Check out this video for a brief explanation if you prefer. 

Follow the instructions to add the extension.

Pro-Tip: If you are using Outlook, after installing, be sure to close Outlook and open it again for the sidebar to appear. 💡

When opening an email from a contact you've already added to an account, the account information will show up in the sidebar along with the timeline, tasks, files, and socials. 

When opening an email from a contact you haven't linked to an account yet, you can select ‘Create an Account’ directly from the sidebar to create an account for them and automatically add them to the account.

The way this works is Salesflare suggests you to create an account for the contact based on their email domain (for example, When you press 'Create Account' it creates an account with the same email domain as the website (example:

If you don't see a button that suggests you to create an account, this is most likely because you've opened an email from someone who sent it with their personal email address. Salesflare doesn't create an account for personal email addresses because we assume that the contact doesn't actually work for Gmail if they're emailing you from an address, for example.

Once you add that contact with the personal email address to an account, the account information will start to appear in the sidebar like normal! 😀

With the plugin, your email opens and link clicks are tracked automatically and show up in your account timelines. To see this, hover over the blue eye in the account timeline and it will show you how many times that person opened your email and when they last opened your email. Read more about how email tracking works here

You can adjust whether you want your emails tracked and/or your sidebar shown by clicking on the blue Salesflare logo in your Chrome extensions bar and toggling the switches on or off.

If you're using Gmail, you can access your saved email templates that you created in Salesflare straight from the Gmail as well. 🙌  When you open a compose window in Gmail, you will see a little ribbon icon to select to be able to insert and use the templates that you created in Salesflare. 

As always, if you have any questions, ping us on the chat!

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