Our vision is a world in which sales people can focus on customers. Completely.

Our mission is to automate all robotic tasks in sales.

The job of a sales person is to work on relationships, help people, and be human. Not to be a computer robot.

There's a ton of things sales people have to do manually now, that robots can handle as well, like:

  • Keeping a customer address book
  • Keeping a history of all interactions with customers
  • Tracking whether people are interested
  • Calculating what's in the pipeline, sales activity, etc.
  • Keeping a to do list to make sure you don't forget any customer
  • Sending routine emails, like for follow-up or scheduling

We will automate all that. And more. One step at a time.

We've recently released a whole new tasks module. It replaced the Home screen with an easy to use tasks list that resembles other popular to do apps, but with tons more automation.

This tasks module:

  • Allows you to add tasks manually to accounts (of course)
  • Suggests to add accounts or contacts when they are detected
  • Shows you which emails have been left unanswered (and automatically close the tasks when you have answered)
  • Reminds you to follow up an account when it becomes inactive
  • Coming up: Reminds you to add meeting minutes after a meeting
  • And more coming later

Following this, we will continue working on more automation and higher productivity.

We'll start building in email automation, so you can more easily send routine emails, contact customers in bulk, and track neatly what is working and what isn't.

Bulk actions for tasks and opportunities are also on the short term roadmap, to further reduce the amount of clicks you need to do when you want to change a series of things.

We'll be building out the Zapier integration, so you can more easily integrate all the apps Zapier supports (1000+) and add more integration possibilities. We'll also be talking with other companies to build out native integrations where it makes sense.

Last but not least, we're currently working on an intuitive import tool, so that you can very easily import data from other systems or your former CRM (you can access it in Settings > Import data).

Now that you know what our mission is: feel free to make suggestions to help us fulfill it even better!

Frequently asked features that fit our product and that are technically possible always get built. And we keep close track of all your requests. Just hit us up on the chat.

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