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What's a "customer" in Salesflare?
What's a "customer" in Salesflare?

In "Contacts" there's a tab called "Customers". What does it mean? πŸ€”

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Contacts appear in the list of "Customers" as soon as they've been added to an account. This indicates that they are not just a personal contact.

"Customers" is a shared address book for your team. It automatically builds up as your team uses Salesflare. And it automatically keeps all contact details.

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How can I add a contact to my "Customers" list?

For an existing contact to appear in your "Customers" list, simply add the contact to your selected account.

Go to "Accounts" in the navigation and select the right account.

Then click on the "Manage" button below "Contacts" to add a contact.

Once your contact has been added, it will appear in "Customers" – your shared address book, which the entire team has access to.

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