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How do I stop sub-calendars from syncing?
How do I stop sub-calendars from syncing?

Can I prevent certain meetings from being pulled into Salesflare?

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Salesflare’s ability to pull in meetings and reminders from your calendar makes it easy to stay organized and on top of your schedule. However, sometimes pulling in all calendar events may be irrelevant and can feel a bit cluttered. For example, you may only want Salesflare to sync and remind you of upcoming business events and not personal ones, or only external events and not internal ones.

To avoid having Salesflare pull in every event instead of just the ones relevant to your business, you can create sub-calendars. A sub-calendar is exactly what it sounds like, a branch of your existing calendar that is reserved for specific events (i.e. internal meetings, your workout schedule, your children’s school events).

First you will need to create your sub-calendars, then move all of the relevant events/meetings for this sub-calendar into it. Here is how to do this for Outlook, Google, and iCloud.

To prevent Salesflare from pulling these in, go to Settings > Calendar settings, and switch off the sub-calendars of your choosing.

⭐️Pro-tip: You may have to disconnect and reconnect your calendar again for the sub-calendars to show up.

In the example below, I have created a sub-calendar from my Google calendar called ‘Events’. These may include gatherings with friends, birthday parties, etc. Because they do not impact my business, I have chosen to switch off this calendar so that Salesflare will not send me task reminders for these events.

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