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Can I create contacts from business cards?
Can I create contacts from business cards?

Does Salesflare have a business card scanner?

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Whether you frequently attend conferences or simply find yourself collecting a lot of business cards from potential clients and business partners, Salesflare makes it easy for you to convert the information on paper to actual contacts in your accounts.

First, be sure to download the Salesflare app.

Then, go to your ‘Contacts’ page and click the orange plus button to ‘Create contact’.

Once there, click on the camera icon in the top right corner.

And take a picture of the business card.

Salesflare will then automatically upload the picture and analyze it. Within a few seconds, the detected contact information will be saved. Feel free to fill out any missing information manually. Check it, then save it. Done!

You can repeat this process for as many business cards as you’d like!

Questions? Reach us on the chat 😊

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