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What are predefined custom fields?
What are predefined custom fields?

How do I enable predefined custom fields?

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Predefined custom fields are sort of like 'advanced’ standard fields.

You'll find them under the accounts, contacts and opportunities tabs in Settings > Customize fields. 

When enabled (by pressing the 'Enable' button to the right), predefined custom fields appear in the edit window along with all other standard and custom fields.

This way they don't overcrowd the standards field list by default, but we've gone ahead and defined them for you so you don't have to create them yourself.

Predefined custom fields for Accounts

Parent account

This is an "account" type custom field. Read more on custom field types.

It allows you to indicate what account a certain account is a department or branch of.

Predefined custom fields for Contacts

Birth date

This is a date type custom field. Read more on custom field types.
Select the birthday of your contacts using a date picker.


When enabled, a checkbox appears, telling you if a contact has unsubscribed from email campaigns you send via Salesflare.

You can filter your contacts by those who have or haven't opted out of your email campaigns.

Note: Salesflare keeps track of who did/didn't opt out even when this field is not enabled. Enable the field to filter your contacts by this.

Opt-out campaign

This tells you which campaign the contact received when they decided to unsubscribe from further emails.

Opt-out date

Opt-out date is there to inform you of when a contact unsubscribed.


Attach files to contacts directly.
Like a signed NDA, for example.

Predefined custom fields for Opportunities

For opportunities, all custom fields are pipeline specific.
Select a pipeline from the dropdown menu to enable/disable custom fields for that specific pipeline.


Upload files to opportunities.

Attach your proposals to opportunities with ease.

Lead source

Keep track of where your leads come from.
Hit the pencil icon to edit the different lead source options to select.

When creating an opportunity, you can select the lead source and later filter your opportunities by this.

Lost reason*

This is where you can edit, remove and add custom lost reasons

Note: Lost reasons are required (unless the field is hidden). You are prompted to enter one when an opportunity is moved to the 'Lost' stage. Top lost reasons are reflected in the Insights dashboard

Main contact

This is an "contact" type custom field. Read more on custom field types.

It allows you to indicate what contact is your main contact person on an opportunity.


Set a probability % per opportunity

Probability refers to the likelihood you'll win an opportunity.
Probabilities are set per stage by default.

When an opportunity moves to a specific stage, it automatically inherits the probability % that is set for that stage (which you can edit in Settings > Configure pipelines).

This predefined custom field allows you to set a probability on opportunity level, which will override the probability % set on the stage that opportunity is in.

In other words, you can weight the probability you will win a specific opportunity.

This comes in handy when you feel a little more (or less) confident than normal that you'll close a certain deal.

Editing the opportunity's probability to reflect this will give you a more accurate expected revenue calculation in the Insights. 

Start date

Maybe you forgot to create an opportunity the same day a lead came in. You shouldn't be punished for it.

The start date is there for those times when you create an opportunity in Salesflare, but you actually started selling to them a week, month, or however many days earlier.

This keeps your average sales cycle numbers accurate in the Insights dashboard.

More on how the Insights work here.

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