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Can I save filters to use them again?
Can I save filters to use them again?

How do I save filters that I use often?

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Filtering your data makes it easier to find specific groups of contacts, accounts, and opportunities. If you are frequently using the same filters, it’s best to save them and apply them when needed to save time.

To create saved filters, first pick the rules you would like to filter by.

In this case, I have chosen to filter accounts by the last interaction date, the team member, and the number of opportunities. Once you’ve created the desired filter, press Save.

When pressing ‘Save’, you will be prompted to name the saved filter.

Salesflare will also give you the option of sharing that saved filter with your team members. Check the box if you’d like this. Leave it unchecked if you want to keep the saved filter private.

After saving the filter, you will be able to find it in the Saved filters drop-down list. You can select ‘Manage’ to edit, duplicate, or delete your saved filters.

To apply a saved filter to your data, simply search for it in the ‘Saved filters’ list.

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