With Zapier, you can create invoice drafts in your accounting system, like QuickBooks, when you've won an opportunity in Salesflare.

To build it yourself, here's how it works:

Go to www.zapier.com and Make a Zap.

Step 1: Trigger on a New Opportunity

Search Salesflare as your Trigger App.

Select a New Opportunity as your trigger.

Save + Continue.

Connect your Salesflare account.

Under Stage, use the dropdown menu to select Won.Β 

Test the step & Continue.

Step 2: Find Contact in Salesflare

Here, you need to find the contact in Salesflare that is related to the opportunity so that Zapier can use the contact info to create a customer in QuickBooks later.

Search Salesflare as your Action app.

Select Find Contact.

Connect your Salesflare account.

Test & Continue.

Step 3: Find or Create a Customer

Search Quickbooks as your Action app.

Select Find Customer as your Action.

Connect your QuickBooks account.

Next, set it up so QuickBooks will find a customer based on their email.
To do this, under Search field, select email. Under search value, select email from Step 2, like in the image below.

Create QuickBooks Online Customer if it doesn't exist yet?
An option is to create a customer if one isn't already made. You can do this by checking the box, like in the image above.

If you do this, under Full Name you must select name from Step 2.

You can also include different fields, for example company, email, phone number, etc. Do this by selecting them from the dropdown menus.

Continue. Test the step & Continue.

Step 4: Set up Quickbooks Invoice

Select QuickBooks as your Action app.

Select Create Invoice as your action.

Connect your QuickBooks account.

Next, select the customer. Under Customer, you will need to select Custom Value (advanced).

Then, under Custom Value for Customer ID, in the dropdown menu select Step 3 > ID.

Scroll down to Line Items.

Under Line Amount, select Calculated Value.

You can also customize different line items below like excluding Tax Code from Price, etc.

Continue. Test your step. Name & turn your zap on.

Now you can get invoices automatically drafted in your accounting software when you've won an opportunity in Salesflare. πŸ˜„

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