The notification center in your account (located behind the Salesflare logo in the top left-hand sidebar) will help you stay on top of what is going on in Salesflare and beyond.

Clicking on the notification center will show you all your notifications as well as the options to ‘Clear All’ or to ‘Mark all as read’.

You can also click directly to the settings from here by clicking on the icon in the top right corner.

There are many different types of notifications that can be turned off or on depending on what you want to be alerted about. To enable/disable certain notifications, head to Settings > Notification settings, or click on the icon in the notification center as shown above.

Go here if you want to learn more about how to turn on these notifications in different browsers.

The following are the different types of notifications that you can opt to turn on or off:

Important note first: You only receive notifications about emails, email opens, email click-throughs, meetings, notes, phone calls, website visits, messages, … when they are shown in an account timeline you have access to. Similarly, you only get notifications about opportunities and tasks you own or are assigned to.

  • New email- Get notified when you receive a new email in an account

  • Email open- Get notified when someone opens your email

  • Email click-through- Get notified when someone clicks through an email you sent

  • Meeting by teammate- Get notified when a teammate schedules a meeting

  • Upcoming meeting- Get notified when you have a meeting upcoming

  • Meeting notes- Get notified when you need to add notes to meeting

  • Phone call by teammate- Get notified when a teammate logs a phone call

  • Somebody assigned you to an opportunity- Get notified when a teammate assigns an opportunity to you

  • Opportunity stage change- Get notified when an opportunity changes stages in a pipeline

  • Website visit- Get notified when someone visits your website

  • Every message- Get notified when any internal note is entered into an account timeline

  • Only messages that mention me- Get notified when an internal note mentions you

  • Lead/account hotness- Get notified when an account is ‘hot’ or ‘on fire’

  • Someone is added to an account- Get notified when a teammate is added to an account

  • Someone is removed from an account- Get notified when a teammate is removed from an account

  • Task due- Get notified when you have a task due

  • Suggested task when an account becomes inactive- Get notified when an account becomes inactive

  • Someone assigned a task to you- Get notified when someone assigns a task to you

  • A step in the setup is completed- Get notified when a step in the setup guide is completed

After turning on these notifications, you will see a number in red on your notification center indicating the number of new notifications that you haven’t seen yet.

The notifications will appear like this:

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