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How and why does Salesflare suggest accounts?
How and why does Salesflare suggest accounts?

And how should I make use of the account suggestions?

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If you just discovered the "Suggestions" tab in your "Accounts" overview and you're wondering "what is this magic?"... then let us give you the quick rundown ⬇⬇

Why does Salesflare suggest accounts?

The human brain is fallible and all of us forget things all the time. The great thing is: computers don't!

That's why Salesflare's intelligent algorithms help you remember who you've been in touch with that seems worth adding as an account to your CRM.

Plus, it also makes adding accounts easier. It's just one click to accept the suggestion!

How does Salesflare suggest accounts?

Salesflare effectively analyzes your interactions with contacts at different companies to detect which companies you'd likely want to add as accounts to Salesflare.

It mainly bases itself on the emails in your inbox and the meetings in your calendar and calculates a suggestion score based on the amount of contacts you're in touch with, as well as the type, recency and frequency of your interactions with them.

To avoid making suggestions based on automated interactions, Salesflare also uses proprietary detection mechanisms to see whether an email address you're emailing with is an actual person and whether the interaction is real or automated.

How can I make use of it?

Just head to your "Accounts" overview and click on the "Suggestions" tab.

You'll see a list of X suggested accounts: the exact number of suggestions is shown at the top left.

Each suggestion shows the logo of the company (if Salesflare found it), the company's name, how and when you were last in touch, and how many people you've been in touch with at the company.

Want to accept a suggestion? Click the green checkmark!

Want to reject it instead? Just hit the red cross.

After accepting a suggestion, it's best practice to also immediately accept any relevant contact suggestions in the right sidebar. And maybe add an opportunity too.

From there on, Salesflare will help you track your lead automatically, including all emails, meetings, calls, web visits, ... and remind you to follow up.

All with just a few clicks! ✨

Have any feedback on the account suggestions? Or want to know more about it?

Just hit us up on the chat!

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