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Can I merge accounts?
Can I merge accounts?

How do I combine two accounts together?

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Have you found a duplicate account in your Accounts list from the same company but that contains different contacts, opportunities, notes, emails, etc.? Using the merge accounts icon, you can now combine these two accounts into one to save time and important data.

With the merge icon, everything will be merged into one place. This includes:

  • the whole timeline with emails, meetings, calls, tracking events, etc.

  • tasks you created (or that Salesflare created for you)

  • files you exchanged

  • contacts and opportunities you linked to the accounts

  • team members that have access to the accounts

  • the account information

Here is how it works: Hover on the avatar of an account to enter bulk mode, select a second one, and click the merge icon at the top.

After this you'll be asked which account's data wins (in case there's a conflict) and then you hit merge.

If you have any questions, ping us on the chat πŸ˜„

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