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What additional permissions do admins & managers have?
What additional permissions do admins & managers have?

An overview of the built-in rights of admins and managers

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When adding users to your team in Salesflare, admins have access to different features than managers, team members, and viewers.

Admin Rights ⚙️

As admin, you can:

  • Invite colleagues

  • Enable/disable users

  • Change the roles of users

  • Group users

  • Change team name

  • Restrict what certain groups/users can view/edit/delete

  • Set the timezone and currency of the team

  • Set yearly targets per sales rep and per pipeline

  • Create/delete/edit pipelines

  • Add/remove/edit stages

  • Change subscription plan and frequency

  • Link up a (different) credit card

  • Add invoicing details

  • Download invoices

  • Hide/show predefined fields

  • Create/edit/delete/hide custom fields

What else can admins do?

Admins can add themselves to accounts they aren’t a part of.

They can delete anything in the team, including opportunities they're not owners of.

They can change the owner of opportunities they aren't owners of.

How do I become admin?

Any admin can make other users admins.

Just ask one on your team to go to Settings > Manage your team and press the dropdown arrow to assign you the admin role.

Manager Rights ⚙️

Managers lead the group of users that they are a part of. This role works well for sales managers who oversee separate parts of the company’s sales team. For example, when working in different geographies or with different business units, it can be useful to have managers in Salesflare to oversee these different groups.

As manager, you can:

  • Set yearly targets for the group per pipeline and per sales rep

  • Configure pipelines belonging to the group

  • Delete and edit opportunities belonging to the group that they are not the owner of

Other permissions

  • Give anyone access to an account by adding that person to the account’s team.

How do I become a manager?

Ask an admin to update your role in Settings > Manage your team by pressing the dropdown arrow to select ‘Manager’.

Learn more about the various roles and permission settings here.

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