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What are Tags and Custom Fields?
What are Tags and Custom Fields?

When should I use them?

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Tags and Custom Fields are useful ways of categorizing your data in Salesflare. Using either or both of these fields will make it easy to differentiate or group contacts, accounts, and opportunities.


Creating tags is useful when you quickly want to group entities together.

For example, let’s say you go to a business conference and collect business cards from around 200 potential leads. When you get home, you enter their contact information into Salesflare (you can use the business card scanner!) so that you can send them an email workflow, but you want to be sure that you will be able to find these people again easily. In this case, you could use bulk actions to assign a tag to the contacts that’s named after the business conference you attended.

Tags can be assigned to accounts and opportunities as well. If you want to differentiate two different aspects of your business, using a tag and then filtering on that tag can help keep all your data clean and organized. Tags can consist of any letters, numbers, or characters that you’d like (they can even be emojis! 🤪)

Tags can be imported or assigned manually either in bulk or one by one. When importing tags, if you wish to assign multiple tags at once, you should separate the tags with commas (and no spaces).

Custom Fields:

While tags allow you to quickly tag a group of contacts, accounts or opportunities, custom fields offer an extra level of control and customization to keep your data clean and organized.

Creating custom fields can be done by going to Settings > Customize fields and selecting the entity from the top that you wish to create them for (Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities). These settings can also be accessed by clicking on the three little dots at the top of the screen on the Accounts, Contacts, or Opportunities page and selecting ‘Custom fields’.

Then click on the orange plus button to create a new custom field. You can find more information about what types of custom fields you can create here.

Custom fields allow you to add more information for these entities than is possible in the standard fields. For example, if your customers have a unique ID number, you can create a custom field for contacts with the type ‘Number’ and insert this data for all your contacts.

Besides manually entering information into custom fields, you can import custom fields as well. Make sure to create the fields first in Salesflare before starting to import the data. Be sure to check out our best practices for importing. You can also update custom fields via Zapier.

Some common uses for custom fields include:

  • Languages (indicate which language your client communicates in if conducting business globally with a ‘Dropdown’ field)

  • Account or Contact ID (unique identifying information from other systems in a ‘Numbers’ field)

  • Notes (for any entity you can use the ‘Long text’ field to document notes)

  • Type of contact or account, like ‘Customer’, ‘Supplier’, ‘Partner’, ... (with a ‘Multiselect dropdown’ field)

  • Sector/industry (with a ‘Dropdown’ field)

Also, always have a look at the list of ‘Predefined fields’. These are built-in custom fields that often are linked to other functionality already, like a ‘Lost reason’ on which you can report, an ‘Opt-out’ field that keeps track of unsubscribes, etc.

If you have any questions, you can reach us on the chat! 😄

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