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Can I make different types of custom fields?
Can I make different types of custom fields?

What kinds of custom fields can I make?

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Everyone has custom data.

Salesflare lets you create custom fields with a selection of data types.

Here's what they mean.


Max 500 characters.
Or about 75 words. Best for info that is short & sweet.

Long text

Max 21,844 characters.  That's a lot.
This field comes in handy when including large pieces of information, like notes on an opportunity, for example.


For fields that involve numbers.
Like if you want to include the commission made on each opportunity. Or note down the NPS score a user submitted. Feel free to set a min and max range.

Create a fixed set of options that you can see and select from. This is helpful for longer lists that you don't have to memorize and can keep organized across your sales team. Like which production facility referred a customer, for example.

Multi-select dropdown

For those times when you need to select more option than one.


For when you start typing and the field finishes your sentence.
Create different options that autocomplete. This becomes useful when you have a long list of options that may overcrowd a dropdown menu.

Like for commonly used responses to "What is the main reason you like our product?"

Select from the predefined options as you type or add new options on the fly from the field itself.


For ultimate control over categorizing your data.
Like when you want to quickly define a contact's interests. Make a dedicated tags field with predefined options.

Your tag isn't in the list of predefined options?
Add new tags from the field itself.
Just type and hit enter.


For when you prefer a date picker instead of typing out a date.
Feel free to set a date range.
This field type is useful for filtering between date ranges, too.


For hyperlinks.
Like a Google Drive URL that opens upon click. Goodbye copy/paste.


For when you need to confirm with a check.

Tri-State Checkbox

This is essentially a checkbox that knows whether it has been filled out already or not. A normal checkbox is false by default, while a tri-state checkbox can be either unknown, true, or false.


To link to one account.

Possible use cases:

  • "parent account"/"branch of"/"department of" an account

  • "reseller" involved on an opportunity


To link to multiple accounts.

Possible use cases:

  • "suppliers" related to an opportunity

  • "customers" or "affiliates" related to an account

  • "child accounts"/"subaccounts" of an account


To link to one contact.

Possible use cases:

  • "main contact" for an account or opportunity

  • "coach" for an opportunity (role from strategic selling framework)

  • "manager" of a contact


To link to multiple contacts.

Possible use cases:

  • "involved contacts" or "stakeholders" with an opportunity

  • "gatekeepers", "decision makers", "influencers", "product users", and "blockers" for an opportunity (roles from strategic selling and similar frameworks)


To link to one user.

Possible use cases:

  • "owner" of a contact or account

  • "project manager" for an opportunity


To link to multiple users.

Possible use cases:

  • "team" for an opportunity (already an existing concept on accounts)


And last but not least, this handy custom field lets you upload files to contacts and opportunities.

Attach your proposals to opportunities with ease.

Note: Email attachments are automatically pulled into account timelines under the 'Files' tab. You can manually upload files to accounts there as well.

Double check which field type you've assigned by looking to the right of the field name in Settings > Customize fields.

Click between the Account, Contact and Opportunity tabs at the top to find your custom fields per entity.

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