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How do tasks work?
How do tasks work?

Can I assign tasks to others? Where do tasks appear?

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Where can I find my tasks?

Tasks are split up into the Today, Upcoming, and Completed tabs on the Tasks page.

The Today tab is for tasks that are due today.
Think of it as today's to-do list.

The Upcoming tab is for tasks that are due at a later date.
A little peak into your future.

The Completed tab is for tasks that you've finished.
A place to go when in need of a reminder that you're killing it.

If a task is related to an account, you'll find it on the 'Tasks' tab of the account timeline as well.

How do I create a task?

Create a task in three ways.

(1) The top of the tasks page.

You can fill out all fields or just type and hit enter.

If no reminder date is set, tasks always appear on Today's task screen.

(2) The big orange plus sign.

Use the big orange plus sign in the bottom right corner of the Tasks, Accounts, Contacts or Opportunities page.

(3) The account timeline.

To create a task automatically linked to an account, head to the 'Tasks' tab of the account timeline.

The task will appear on your Tasks page as well.

How do I assign a task?

When you create a task, press the assignee icon to the right of the date icon.

Want to reassign later? Hit the 3 dots on the right of the task to edit the assignee.

Trying to assign/un-assign tasks in bulk? Select the tasks and use the 3 dot menu in the top right corner. Read more on tasks and bulk actions here.

Can I search for tasks?

You can search, filter and export your tasks using the respective icons in the top right.
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