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How do I set up integrations?
How do I set up integrations?

What kind of integrations are available?

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Salesflare is a powerful tool on its own, but add in some integrations with other valuable tools, and you’re unstoppable. 

We recognize that each business differs in the ways in which they conduct their day-to-day operations. Some may need to use Asana, Slack, or Mailchimp. Or maybe even all three! Luckily, there are many possibilities to integrate with Salesflare. 

You can find some of the applications and integrations available to connect to Saleflare by going to Settings > Applications & Integrations and clicking on one of the options. 

You can check out a more extensive list of our most popular integrations at our integration marketplace. 

Pro-tip: To determine whether an integration with the app is native or done via Zapier, hover over the app and look at the logo in the top right corner. If the logo matches the logo of the app or Salesflare’s logo, it is built natively. If the logo matches the Zapier logo, it can be integrated using these tools. In the example below, Better Proposals can be natively integrated or integrated using Zapier. 

Native Integrations: Native integrations are ones that have been built directly between both Salesflare and the app itself. Some of the featured native integrations include Better Proposals, Landigi, Story Chief, Leadworx, and more. 

  • Better Proposals: Use this tool to create and edit professionally designed proposals.

  • Landigi: Use this tool to create, publish, and optimize landing pages. 

  • Story Chief: Use this tool for content marketing automation. 

  • Leadworx: Use this tool to track your visitors and convert them into leads. 

Native Integrators: Zapier, Integromat, and are apps that are natively integrated with Salesflare so that you are able to integrate other apps with Salesflare non-natively. These integrations allow you to automate your work and be more productive in the long-run. 

  • Zapier: With Zapier, you can connect over 2,000 apps to Salesflare to automate your business. Learn how to set it up here. Learn more about what kind of automations are available through Zapier here

  • Make: Use this tool to automate manual processes with direct support for hundreds of apps and services. It’s like Zapier, but better for more complex automation flows with lots of different scenarios. 

  • Use this tool for complex integrations if you have advanced or enterprise needs.

Popular non-native Integrations: Here are some of the most popular apps to integrate with Salesflare using the integrators listed above. 

  • Slack: Use this integration to send channel messages in Slack for new won opportunities in Salesflare.

  • QuickBooks: Use this integration to create QuickBooks invoices when new opportunities are won in Salesflare. 

  • Intercom: Use this integration to create internal notes in Salesflare from new conversations in Intercom.

  • Trello: Use this integration to create new projects in Trello from won opportunities in Salesflare. 

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Request an integration at the bottom of the page, or message us on the chat! 

Pro-Tip: If you want a specific integration that doesn’t exist yet, we highly suggest requesting the integration on both ends so the other app hears the integration request from you as well!

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