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Can I find email addresses for contacts in Salesflare?
Can I find email addresses for contacts in Salesflare?

How does this work?

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Gone are the days of wasting valuable time searching for email addresses of the leads/contacts you wish to reach out to. Now, using just a name and the website domain of their company, Salesflare can find email addresses for you.

It only takes one click and a few seconds. Simply click ‘Find email’ to search for the email address and hit create.

You can also find email addresses for contacts in LinkedIn directly from LinkedIn using the Salesflare sidebar for Chrome.

To power this, you will need the email finder credits that we’ve added to your existing plans:

  • Trial: 5 credits / month / team

  • Growth: 25 credits / month / team

  • Pro: 500 credits / month / team

  • Enterprise: unlimited credits! (assuming fair usage)

Need more email finder credits? Upgrade your package to fit your team's needs.

Find email addresses at scale

If you want to be able to find email addresses for a whole list of contacts upon importing, you can do this too. Just check the box to ‘Find email address when none is specified (uses credits)’ from the contact import screen.

Just make sure you include their name and the website domain of their company. If you are importing a list with more contacts than you have credits available, we will find up to the credits you have and the rest of the list will not be imported.

After you’ve easily found the email addresses for your leads, you can start sending them email workflows, tracking their replies, following up the sales opportunities, and closing the deals! 🎉

FYI: Salesflare will only charge and add emails that meet a certain threshold of certainty, meaning they have a high probability of being correct. That way, you’re guaranteed to get the most accurate information we can find.

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