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Do you have a referral program?
Do you have a referral program?

What are the conditions to refer a friend?

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Are you loving Salesflare and have some friends, family, or acquaintances that you think would love it too? We’ve created a referral program that’s designed to benefit you as our loyal user as well as the new users you refer.

Referring a friend to Salesflare is easy. Just go to Settings > Refer a friend and you’ll find the latest reward offer at the top.

This is followed by the different ways you can invite friends so that when they join, it is noted under your referral.

There are three ways you can refer friends:

  • If the person you are referring to Salesflare has already signed up for a free trial account, you can send your personal share code for them to apply when subscribing.

  • If they have yet to start a free trial account, you can directly send them a link to sign up (that is automatically linked back to you) by copying the link or using the icons to send it via Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp.

  • You can send them an invite via email. Inviting via email allows you to personalize a pre-filled email with referral and reward details.

If the person you referred to Salesflare has already signed up for a trial, but hasn't subscribed to a paid account yet, you have the ability to manually link them to you.

Once you have successfully referred some friends, you will see them listed under ‘Friends you’ve referred so far’. Here you can find the person’s name, email address, account status (i.e. ‘Subscribed’, ‘Trial expired’, etc.), reward amount, and the status of the reward (i.e. ‘Not eligible yet’, ‘Received’, ‘On the way!’, etc.).

If a friend’s trial has expired, you have the option to give them a little push to subscribe.

Rewards FAQ

When and how will I receive the reward?

For both parties to receive the reward, you must be subscribed to Salesflare and the friend you referred to Salesflare must be subscribed and actively using Salesflare for at least one month*. They also can not have outstanding payments that are past due. After this month, a virtual Amazon gift card will be emailed to the email address with which you both signed up for Salesflare.

* Cancellation of subscription and refund in the first month is not possible.

Are there limits to the number of people I can refer to Salesflare?

There is no limit to the number of individuals you can refer to Salesflare.

What happens if someone else refers the same person as me?

The person whose referral is tracked first gets the reward. This applies to all ways of tracking the referral.

If I am a Salesflare affiliate, can I still participate in the referral program?

No, you cannot participate in both. If you attempt to use the referral and affiliate program for the same referral, affiliate commission will be denied and you will be removed permanently from the affiliate program.

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