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How do I fill in 'Organisation' and 'Role'?
How do I fill in 'Organisation' and 'Role'?

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When importing contacts, you may notice that two of the standard fields include ‘Organisation’ and ‘Role’. It is important to understand the intended use for these fields to avoid confusion.

The ‘Organisation’ field is NOT the same as the ‘Account’ field. The ‘Account’ name is the name of the company that your contact works for currently, and the one you are currently selling to. The ‘Organisation’ field is where you can specify the whole list of companies that this individual may have worked at as well as the company they work at now. The ‘Role’ field describes the job title that person held. Together, the ‘Role’ and ‘Organisation’ make up the ‘Positions’ field when creating contacts.

For example, let’s say you have a contact named Bob that is the Marketing Manager at Red Bull. When importing, you should first create a column in your .csv with the header ‘Role’ where you can list the position title (i.e. Marketing Manager) and one with the header ‘Organisation’ where you can list the company (i.e. Red Bull). *You will need to import the company name under ‘Account Name’ as well. When you map these fields to the ones in Salesflare and import it, the ‘Positions’ field on the contact will automatically fill out like this ‘Red Bull, Marketing Manager’.

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