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Can I integrate my address book with Salesflare?
Can I integrate my address book with Salesflare?

How to use Zapier to sync your address book with Salesflare.

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With Zapier you can automatically update contacts in Salesflare when you add/update a contact in your address book.

Trying to push your Google Contacts into Salesflare?

Use this zap template to set it up in a few simple steps:

Want to create it from scratch? Here's how.

For this example, we'll use Google Contacts again.

If you have a different address book you want to sync, just swap out Google Contacts for whichever address book you use.
Go to and Make a Zap.

Step 1: Trigger on New Contact

Search your address book (for example, Google Contacts).

Select New or Updated Contact as your trigger.

Connect your Google Contacts account.

You can select the option to sync contacts in Salesflare only from certain groups in your Google Contacts. This is optional.


Step 2: Create a Contact in Salesflare

Search Salesflare as your Action App.

Select Create Contact as your action.

Connect your Salesflare account.

You can customize what data is added to your Salesflare contact by selecting from the dropdown menus, like in the following image.

Continue. Test your step. Name & turn your zap on.

From the moment you turn the zap on, Zapier will start syncing new or updated contacts you make in your address book from this point forward. πŸ˜€

If you want to add your existing Google contacts to Salesflare, just export your list of contacts from Google and import it to Salesflare. Our import module is in Settings > Import data.
​For tips on importing, click here.

Trying to sync your address book the other way around?

Use this zap template to push new Salesflare contacts into your Google Contacts list:

Happy automating! πŸ€–

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