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What are the conditions to refer a friend?
What are the conditions to refer a friend?

What are the referral program conditions?

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Thanks for taking interest in referring friends to Salesflare! Below are Salesflare’s referral program conditions.

Friends use your personal referral code or personal share link to sign up, or they can sign up from your personal email invite you can send via Settings > Refer a friend. You can find all the details on how to refer a friend in Settings > Refer a friend.

If your friend doesn't use your code or link to sign up for a trial, you have the ability to manually link them to you before they subscribe to a paid account in Settings > Refer a friend.

Whoever's link or code a person uses to sign up is the person who they are linked to as a referral.

You and the friend you’ve referred to Salesflare must both be subscribed to Salesflare. Additionally, the friend you referred to Salesflare has to be subscribed and actively using Salesflare for at least one month before you both receive your reward. They also can not have outstanding payments that are past due.

You cannot use the referral and affiliate program for the same referral. If you attempt to do this, affiliate commission will be denied and you will be removed permanently from the affiliate program.

Also, you can not get rewards for referring yourself or another company you work for.

Invite your friends as soon as possible to receive the quickest rewards!

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