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How do I import my data in Salesflare?
How do I import my data in Salesflare?

Can I import accounts and contacts at once?

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Already have lists of accounts, contacts, and opportunities you want to import? Great! You can do this easily in Salesflare by going to Settings > Import Data. At the top, you will see the three entities that you can import data to. Click on the orange plus button to select the one you wish to import first.

Pro tip: Clean up your files for smooth importing. 🙌

Here's how:

1. Add headers to each column

In Settings > Customize fields, you will find the different field options under the Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities tabs.

These are the fields that you can import data to. If you use the same names for your headers in your file, they will automatically map for you during import so you don't have to select from the dropdown menus yourself.

You can create custom fields before importing by using the orange plus sign in the bottom right corner.

*Exception: for an Opportunities import, you can't import Account website. You can only import account websites when importing accounts and contacts.

2. Import a .csv file

At the moment, the import module only supports .csv files so you must convert to this when importing. In the future, we will accept Excel files as well. For now, just use 'Save As' in your Excel file to save as a CSV.

Upload or drag a .csv file then press Map.

Match column fields in your .csv file to the Salesflare fields in the dropdown menus.

3. Select options from each dropdown menu

If nothing is selected from the dropdown menu, that column of data won't be imported.

As mentioned above, if you name your headers with the exact names that appear in Settings > Customize fields, the dropdown menus will automatically map for you.

In the screenshot above, the contacts' email addresses would not have imported because nothing is selected from the dropdown menu.

4. Deduplicate accounts

Your file may have account names listed multiple times. That's okay.
Just check this box before pressing 'Start Import':

5. Import Accounts and Contacts files separately or at once

If you'd like to import account information that contains more than just account name and account website, it's best to first import accounts and then import contacts.

Alternatively, if your file contains contact info and the only account information is account name & website, you can import accounts and contacts at the same time.

Make sure to select the checkbox to create the accounts if they don't already exist.

Re-importing contacts with the same email address will update the contacts, not duplicate.

Reminder: In Settings > Customize fields, you will find all the types of information you can import for Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities by clicking on the respective tabs at the top.

*Exception: To link a contact or opportunity straight to an account -- you will also need a column for Account Name in your file. (Which isn't shown under Contacts on the list of field options in Settings > Customize fields.)

For a Contacts import, it's optional (but highly recommended) to include a column for the account. When you do this, contacts are imported directly into the accounts they belong to, and if they don’t exist yet, Salesflare will create the account upon import.

If you do include a column for accounts, the header should be Account Name.

You can import account websites while importing contacts and it's highly recommended as well. Salesflare automatically enriches accounts based on account website.
The header should be Account website above the column containing websites.

For an Opportunities import, it's required to include a column for accounts. The header for accounts should be Account Name.

When importing contacts, you may notice that two of the standard fields include ‘Organisation’ and ‘Role’. It is important to understand the intended use for these fields to avoid confusion.

6. Fix your import

In a perfect world, you won't get to this step! 

But not everyone or all data is perfect. Sometimes errors occur. 

Not to worry!  If there are issues, you will receive a file back called "Fix Import".

This file contains the records that failed to upload. 

For more info on what all the error messages mean, read more on how to fix your import file here.

Fix the issues in the 'Fix Import' file and then re-upload.

When the import is complete, head over to Accounts, Contacts or Opportunities (depending on what files you imported) and you will find everything!

7. Want to start from a template?

Happy importing! 

Still having troubles? Ping us on the chat! 💬

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