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Can I use Salesflare with LinkedIn?
Can I use Salesflare with LinkedIn?

How do I create accounts and contacts in Salesflare directly from LinkedIn?

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With Salesflare’s sidebar installed directly in your LinkedIn account, it is now possible to work seamlessly between the two to add contacts, create accounts, and follow up like a Pro- all without leaving LinkedIn 🤯.

To get started, first, install the Chrome sidebar for LinkedIn & Gmail. Go to the Chrome Webstore to do this.

Once the sidebar has been installed, you’re ready to start. Salesflare’s sidebar will display in LinkedIn when loading a person’s profile, when accessing a company profile, and when viewing messages.

From a person’s LinkedIn profile, the sidebar will prompt you to create an account for the company where that person is currently working.

After creating the account, you’ll be prompted to add that person as a contact on the account (if they don’t already exist as a contact in Salesflare). If the contact has a matching email domain, but doesn’t exist yet in Salesflare, they will be listed under ‘Suggested contacts’. Click the plus button to add them to the account.

To add the contact, you will need to check the contact information first. If their company email address is found on their LinkedIn profile, it will be pulled in automatically. If there is no email address found, you can use your email finder credits to search for it. And if you're out of credits already, you can purchase more to fit your team's needs.

If an account already exists in Salesflare for that company, ask an admin to add you to the team of that account first. After that you'll be able to start adding contacts to it as well.

From a company profile, Salesflare will prompt you to create an account. When following this flow, Salesflare will add information from LinkedIn automatically to the account information.

Once a contact has been created and added to the account successfully, you can begin your outreach. The account timeline will give you a complete overview of your communications history. Create tasks to follow up, copy over LinkedIn messages as internal notes, and create opportunities to begin tracking them in your pipeline. 📈

Want to add them to a workflow? Easily add a tag or fill out a custom field and trigger your workflow audience on that entity to quickly send them into the flow.

Prefer to send them a personal email? Click the mail icon to start crafting your message.

The possibilities are endless! 😁

Questions? Hit us up on the chat.

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