If your emails have stopped syncing, your email connection might have stopped working.

This might have multiple causes:

  • You changed your password. See below how to remedy.
  • Your email server has issues. Contact your IT administrator to check it out.
  • Our email infrastructure partner Nylas has issues. If you've connected your email with the 'Other via IMAP' option, check their status.
  • Anything else? Contact us via the live chat.

Did you change your password?

If you did, you can fix this by disconnecting and reconnecting your emails.

  1. Go to "Settings" > "Email settings"
  2. Click on "Reconnect" to reconnect your email

Key in your log-in credentials then follow the instructions on the page to authenticate your email connection with Salesflare. 

For Gmail users, here's extra things that could have gone wrong and how to solve them.

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