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How is expected revenue calculated?
How is expected revenue calculated?

What does expected revenue mean in my insights dashboard?

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How does expected revenue work?

Expected revenue is the sum of the value in each stage multiplied by that stage's probability. 

  1. The black number in the top left is your won revenue (same as the 'Revenue' number in your insights dashboard). It's what you've already sold.

  2. The black line is at the target. Set targets in Settings > Set targets.

  3. This green (or red) number is the % increase/decrease compared to last period. You can filter your insights by different periods using the dropdown menus in the top right.

What is stage probability? 

Stage probability is the % chance that an opportunity in that stage is won.

The stage probability is something you set in Settings > Configure pipelines.

In the default pipeline, every opportunity in the 'Proposal Made' stage has a 50% chance of being won (stage probability is 50%).

If you have €200k worth of opportunities in the 'Proposal Made' stage, then it will count €100k of expected revenue coming from this stage. 

This calculation is made at every stage. Each stage is added up to get the total expected revenue number in your insights dashboard. 

Happy selling! 🚀

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