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How does the sales funnel analysis work?
How does the sales funnel analysis work?

What does the sales funnel mean in my insights dashboard?

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The funnel analysis gives you a good idea of how an opportunity moves through your funnel to ‘won’. Opportunities are counted as won when they are either in the “won” stage, or if they have a probability of 100%. For all opportunities closed in the selected period, it calculates how many you needed in each preceding stage to get to this end result. Additionally, it calculates how long opportunities stayed in each stage on average.

  1. In the leftmost column, the black numbers in bold show how many of the closed opportunities moved through the stage.

  2. In the next column, the gray text between brackets is the average duration that opportunities remained in the stage. This shows how the time between creating the opportunity and winning it is distributed among the different stages of your sales process.

  3. The last column shows the stage name, together with some more information.

  • The length of the colored bar represents how many opportunities moved through the stage. For the first stage this will be 100%.

  • The number on the far right tells you what percentage of opportunities in this stage were eventually won. This number should be close to its stage probability.

  • The number with the downwards arrow under the stage name shows what percentage of opportunities in this stage moved on to the next one. It represents the share of opportunities that weren’t lost in this stage.

Why is the sum of days of the sales funnel analysis not equal to the Average Sales Cycle report?

The sales funnel analysis report can only reliably see how long an opportunity has been in a certain stage, and will show averages of those durations. On the other hand, the average sales cycle will report on the difference between the custom field “start date” and the “close date” of an opportunity. When a start date has been set to a date before the opportunity was created in Salesflare, the sales funnel analysis can’t know in which stages this time was spent, so it won’t report on it.

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