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Can I push my Salesflare tasks to my Google calendar?
Can I push my Salesflare tasks to my Google calendar?

How do I set this up?

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Part of the magic of Salesflare lies in its ability to sync with your calendar. It pulls in your meetings so that you can see your full schedule in your ‘Tasks’ list.

Currently, this sync is one-way, meaning Salesflare can pull in your meetings, but it won’t push tasks or meetings created in Salesflare to your calendar.

Fear not, however, this is possible using Zapier ✨. Here’s how to do it. 👇

First, trigger on 'New Task' in Salesflare. Filter to trigger only on the “Manual” type of tasks to avoid syncing automatically created ones.

As a next step, create an event in Google Calendar. For the 'Start Date & Time' you can pull in the due date or 'reminder date' of the task. For the 'End Date & Time' you can type +1h at the end to make it the start time + 1 hour.

🌟Pro-tip: You will need to leave a space between the date and the “+1h”. You can also customize this making it +30m, +15m, etc. if you’d like.

Here's more ways you can adjust the times in Zapier.

🌟 Pro-tip: Before you set this up, it's best to create a sub-calendarin your Google calendar for Salesflare tasks that you push to it. After creating the sub-calendar, turn off its synchronization in your Salesflare account by going to Settings > Calendar settings and flipping the switch. It’s important to do this because Salesflare automatically pulls in your calendar meetings to Salesflare. If you don’t turn off the sync, it will push your tasks from Salesflare to your calendar, which will create a meeting in your calendar, which then syncs back to Salesflare automatically, … creating a bit of an endless loop. Creating a sub-calendar for the tasks you’re syncing through Zapier and turning its sync off in Salesflare will help solve this.

If you have any questions, ping us on the chat! 😁

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