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Can I buy more email finder credits?
Can I buy more email finder credits?

How does this work?

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Have you and your team been flying through your email finder credits while importing contact lists or conducting your outreach with the Salesflare sidebar in LinkedIn? Then you may want to upgrade your credit package to get more each month. ๐Ÿ™Œ

You can purchase additional email finder credits in the following amounts:

Credits (per month)

Monthly (cost per month)

Yearly (cost per month)










The credit packages will follow your existing subscription cycle.

Meaning if you are on the annual plan:

You will be charged immediately for the remaining time left on your annual plan. From then on you will be charged every year together with your annual subscription renewal.

If youโ€™re on the monthly plan:

You will be charged for the credit package of your choice immediately. From then on you will be charged every month on the same day of the month that you are charged for your Salesflare subscription.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Credits are available for the whole team, there are no per user credits.

  • Credits are available immediately and are valid until the end of the billing month. On the monthly plan this means credits reset when your monthly plan renews. On the yearly plans this means that if your plan renews on the 25th of March, the credits reset every month on the 25th.

  • Unused credits from one month do not roll over to the next month. Your usage will reset to 0 and the quota remains the same.

  • We do not prorate upgrades and downgrades of packages like we do for the Salesflare subscription itself. If you upgrade your email finder package, you will be charged immediately the extra price of your credit package. If you downgrade, previous payments will not be credited.

To purchase more, admins can go to in Settings > Billing. Here you can also see how many credits your team has for the month, as well as which colleagues used how many credits of the total amount and how many you used in previous months.

Team members can see the remaining credits when adding or editing a contact.

Questions? Send them via the chat ๐Ÿ˜Š

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