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How do I hide old opportunities?
How do I hide old opportunities?

Can I archive past won/lost opportunities?

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So you've moved lots of opportunities across your pipeline. Keep it up. ๐Ÿ‘Š

Now you have old opportunities taking up space in your won/lost stages.ย 

You don't want to delete them and lose the valuable insights data, but it's not convenient to have them piling up.

We get it.

That's why you can mark your opportunities as Done.

It's a way to hide/archive old won/lost opportunities you are done selling to.


Which opportunities can I mark as done?

Opportunities in the:

  • won or lost stage

  • stages with 100% probability

If you are no longer selling to opportunities in other stages, move them to the won or lost stage (or more specifically, any stage with 100% or 0% probability) to mark them as done.

ย ย 

Where do they go?

Done opportunities are removed from the pipeline. Just search or filter to find them again.

When you filter on Done = True, all opportunities you've marked as done will appear.

When you filter on Done = False, all opportunities you haven't marked as done yet will appear (the standard view).

Although done opportunities are removed from view, they're still used to calculate your insights dashboard.

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