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What are user groups for?
What are user groups for?

Can I group users on my team?

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You can group together team members in Settings > Manage your team.

Click the orange plus sign to create a new group.

Just drag & drop the team member onto the name of the group you want to add them to. 

Tip: make sure the name of the group is highlighted grey before dropping the user into it.

Don't see this in your settings? Learn more.


What are the groups used for?

The user groups are designed for reporting purposes as well as a way to keep certain data separate from the rest of the groups/team members via permissions settings.

You can create user groups for different sales teams, different countries, different business units, or different territories, for example.

Using permissions settings, you can restrict the access of groups of users to specific pipelines and/or the data owned by their own group. Read more and set permissions in Settings > Set permissions.

This feature is part of the Pro plan.

In the insights dashboard, you can filter by your specific user groups to understand how a specific group is doing.

Filtering by user groups makes it possible to narrow the viewto a certain amount of opportunities or results.

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