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Can I export my workflow results?
Can I export my workflow results?

How do I get a list of contacts who opened/clicked/replied to/… my workflow?

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So you’ve set up your workflow, set it live, and obtained your results. Now what? Salesflare provides you with several sets of statistics for each workflow. These statistics are clickable so that you can view the lists of contacts that make up each statistic.

To start, each workflow will display the number of contacts who have ‘Entered’, are ‘In’, have ‘Exited’, and have ‘Met goal’.

These are listed at the top of the workflow above step one.

To export these groups of contacts, select your statistic and click ‘Export’. You can export to a CSV or Excel sheet.

You also have the option to send a new email to this group of contacts. Selecting ‘Send email’ will create a new workflow with that selected group of contacts as the audience.

In addition to the more general statistics of the workflow, Salesflare also provides information on each individual workflow step. These statistics include ‘Total’, ‘Sent’, ‘Interacted’, ‘Replied’, and ‘Failed’.

These are listed at the top of each step in the workflow. The ‘interacted’, ‘replied’, and ‘failed’, lists have options to further filter on in a dropdown menu.

You are able to export these lists and create new email workflows from these groups of contacts in the same way shown above.

Some reasons you may want to export these lists:

  • See who bounced so you can delete these contacts or correct their email addresses (note that the predefined custom field “Bounced” will already be marked as true automatically)

  • See who unsubscribed and how many to determine if your content needs changing ((note that the predefined custom field “Opt-out” will be marked as true automatically)

  • See who didn't reply to begin a new workflow targeting those who didn't get back to you yet

  • See who interacted and in which way via the drop-down options and create a new campaign retargeting them to try to get them to reach your goal

Once these lists have been exported, you have the ability to update/edit the information and re-import it to update the contacts in Salesflare.

For example, let’s say you send a workflow with the goal ‘Contact replies to any email’ asking recipients to reply if they are interested in attending a webinar your company is hosting. You receive 20 replies and you want to be able to mark them down as interested. You can export the list of those who replied to an Excel sheet, create a column with the header ‘Tag’, and fill in the Webinar name for each contact in that column. When you re-import the list in Settings > Import data under the ‘Contacts’ tab, those contacts will be updated with the tag named after the Webinar so you can easily apply a filter to find them again.

The opportunities are endless!

Questions? Send us a chat! 😄

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