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Sales automation
Sales automation
Can I save email templates?How do I create saved replies or canned responses?
Can I add users to accounts automatically?How do I add team members to all new accounts created?
Can I update custom fields using Zapier?How do I push data to custom fields using Zapier?
Will Salesflare remind me when to follow up?Can I set up auto reminders?
How do I update opportunity stages automatically?Can I use Zapier to move opportunities to the next stage?
How is lead/account hotness calculated?What do the fire symbols mean?
Why aren't my Calendly meetings showing in Salesflare?Can I integrate my scheduling app with Salesflare?
What's the email quota limit for workflows?How many email workflows can I send per day?
Can I insert an image in my email workflow?I can send my contacts GIFs? πŸ™Œ
How do I insert merge fields in my email workflow?Can I insert merge tags in the subject line?
Why is my email workflow failing?How do I fix this?
Can I send out automated email campaigns?How does email automation work?
How do I configure my SMTP settings for sending automated emails?What are my SMTP host and port number?
How do I get leads from my website's contact form in Salesflare?How to automatically get web leads in Salesflare βš™οΈ
Can Salesflare add contacts to subscriber lists in MailChimp?How can I push Salesflare contacts into MailChimp?
How do I pull Intercom conversations into Salesflare?Can I integrate my customer support app with Salesflare?
How can I use Salesflare's API with "Webhooks by Zapier"?How to do custom things on Salesflare's API from Zapier.
How does Salesflare practice sales automation?How does Salesflare itself work less and sell more? 😊
What kind of Zapier integrations are possible?How can I connect different apps to Salesflare?
How do I use Salesflare with Zapier?How to use the Zapier integration to connect with 700+ other apps πŸš€
Can I create a customer in Salesflare for bookings in YouCanBook.Me?Can I integrate my appointment scheduler with Salesflare?
How do I set up the MailChimp integration?How do I integrate MailChimp using Zapier?
How does Salesflare integrate with an app for outbound emailing?How does Mailshake work with Salesflare?