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Sales automation
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Can I save email templates?How do I create saved replies or canned responses?
Can I add users to accounts automatically?How do I add team members to all new accounts created?
Can I update custom fields using Zapier?How do I push data to custom fields using Zapier?
Will Salesflare remind me when to follow up?Can I set up auto reminders?
How do I update opportunity stages automatically?Can I use Zapier to move opportunities to the next stage?
How is lead/account hotness calculated?What do the fire symbols mean?
Why aren't my Calendly meetings showing in Salesflare?Can I integrate my scheduling app with Salesflare?
What's the email quota limit for workflows?How many email workflows can I send per day?
Can I insert an image in my email workflow?I can send my contacts GIFs? ๐Ÿ™Œ
How do I insert merge fields in my email workflow?Can I insert merge tags in the subject line?
Why is my email workflow failing?How do I fix this?
Can I send out automated email campaigns?How does email automation work?
How do I configure my SMTP settings for sending automated emails?What are my SMTP host and port number?
How do I get leads from my website's contact form in Salesflare?How to automatically get web leads in Salesflare โš™๏ธ
Can Salesflare add contacts to subscriber lists in MailChimp?How can I push Salesflare contacts into MailChimp?
How do I pull Intercom conversations into Salesflare?Can I integrate my customer support app with Salesflare?
How can I use Salesflare's API with "Webhooks by Zapier"?How to do custom things on Salesflare's API from Zapier.
How does Salesflare practice sales automation?How does Salesflare itself work less and sell more? ๐Ÿ˜Š
What kind of Zapier integrations are possible?How can I connect different apps to Salesflare?
How do I use Salesflare with Zapier?How to use the Zapier integration to connect with 700+ other apps ๐Ÿš€
Can I create a customer in Salesflare for bookings in YouCanBook.Me?Can I integrate my appointment scheduler with Salesflare?
How do I set up the MailChimp integration?How do I integrate MailChimp using Zapier?
How does Salesflare integrate with an app for outbound emailing?How does Mailshake work with Salesflare?