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Will Salesflare remind me when to follow up?
Will Salesflare remind me when to follow up?

Can I set up auto reminders?

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There are auto reminders in Salesflare, yes. 🙌


Account inactive for x days

Salesflare creates "account inactivity" reminders in the Suggested Tasks.

You can set the amount of days after which to show this in the settings, even per stage.

The team's default number of days is 10 days.

After there has been no interaction with an account for 10 days, Salesflare reminds you to check in.

To change the default number of days, head to Settings > Task settings

When you're closer to closing a deal, like after sending a proposal for example, 10 days might be too long to wait to follow up.

This is why you can set a custom number of days per stage of the pipeline.

To change the number of days per stage, head to Settings > Configure pipelines.

Click the pencil icon to choose a custom number of days or turn it off for that stage.

Once you take action, the task auto-completes itself.


Email needing a reply

Salesflare creates suggested tasks for emails needing a reply.

When you haven't responded, Salesflare creates a task for you. 🚨

The task auto-completes once you've replied.


Meeting notifications

Salesflare reminds you about meetings both beforehand and afterward. These are notifications on both mobile and desktop.

You're always reminded to prepare for a meeting 15 minutes before it begins.

Once it's finished Salesflare makes sure you don't forget to add meeting notes.


Now you'll never forget to follow up with an opportunity again. 👊

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