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How does Salesflare integrate with an app for outbound emailing?
How does Salesflare integrate with an app for outbound emailing?

How does Mailshake work with Salesflare?

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Both Salesflare and MailShake fully integrate with Gmail, so the integration is seamless. 

Here's the set up:

  1. You send outbound email sequences from MailShake.

  2. You create an account in Salesflare when the recipient replies to our email. (You can do this in an automated way with the Lead Catcher, and trigger in Zapier on a New Lead. Mind that this may create accounts for people who ask to unsubscribe.)

  3. Immediately, you can see the full interaction history with these accounts, including email clicks, earlier email conversations, website visits tracking, etc. as Salesflare automatically keeps track of all of this.

  4. You follow up with these accounts and close the deal.

To see all tracking info from the start, you can use the Salesflare email link tracking in MailShake emails. You can also embed the "Website tracking" script in your website. Both can be found in the Integrations via "Settings" > "Applications & integrations".

You'll be able to see:

  • What links they've clicked on and when

  • What pages they visited on the website, when, and for how long

To send email sequences from within Salesflare, head to the Workflows tab.

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