One word: Zapier. No, we don't get commissions.

Here's how to use Salesflare with Zapier.

Just use a contact form that is linked to another app that has a Zapier integration.
Some possibilities:

(Note: any software with a REST API can do if you use "Webhooks by Zapier". But hey, why would you want to make it more difficult on yourself. 😉)

If you're using Typeform, set this zap up in minutes using this pre-made zap template:

To set this up with a different app, here's an overview of how to go all in:

  1. Get the information from the form.

  2. Create a contact in Salesflare with the email address you got (other fields optional)

  3. Pro tip: How to get the website of the company to create an account full of prefilled data? Do a "Formatter by Zapier" step in which you split the email address on the "@", then take the second part.

  4. Create an account in Salesflare, using the result from previous step as "website".

  5. Add the contact to the account, using the IDs you got back from the "create contact" and "create account" steps.

  6. Create an opportunity in Salesflare, using the ID you got back from the "create account" step.

Let's start.

Go to and Make a Zap. We'll use Google Forms as an example.

Step 1: Push Google Forms information into Salesflare

Search Google Forms as your Trigger app.

Select New Response in Spreadsheet.

This will trigger an action when you add a new contact or update one.

Connect your Google Forms account.

Select the Spreadsheet and Worksheet you will pull leads from.

Save + Continue. Then test the step & continue.

Step 2: Create a New Contact in Salesflare

Select Salesflare as your Action app.

Create Contact.

Connect your Salesflare account.

Save + Continue.

In the Name field, select name from Step 1.
In the Email field, select email from Step 1.
(Note: it's required to fill out either the name or the email, or both of course.)

Continue. Test the step.

Next, add a step.

Step 3 (optional): Pro tip: Create an account from the contact’s email

This is an extra step you can use if you mostly receive company emails in your contact form (not private emails like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo).

This step splits the domain from the email after the @ symbol, so you get the company website.

This then takes the website domain and includes it when you create an account (in Step 4).

Including the website will auto-fill all the company information for you, so your newly created account is all set.

Select Formatter by Zapier as your Action app.

Select Text.

Select Split Text as your Transform text.

This will split the domain name from the contact’s email address.

For Input, select the email from step 1.

This will pull in your contact’s email address.

For Separator, type the @ symbol. 

This will separate the email from the website.

For Segment Index, select Second.

This will keep the second part of the data after the @ symbol.

Test the step & continue.

Next, Add a step to create an account for the contact.

Step 4: Create an Account

Search Salesflare as your Action app.

Select Create Account as your action.

Connect your Salesflare account.

In Name, select company from Step 1.

In Website, select the domain of the email that you split off in Step 3. If you do this, the account information will be auto-filled for you (if public info is found).

Next, add a step to link the contact you made in Step 2 to the account you just made in Step 4.

Search Salesflare as your Action app.

Select show less common options, and Add Contact to Account.

Connect your Salesflare account & continue.

In the Account field, select Use a Custom Value (advanced).

Select ID from Step 4.

In the Contact field, select Use a Custom Value (advanced)

Select ID from Step 2.


Next, add a step to create an opportunity with this account (this is the last step).

Step 6: Create an Opportunity

Select Salesflare as your Action app.

Create a New Opportunity.

Connect your Salesflare account.

In the Account field, select Use a Custom Value (advanced).

Select ID from step 4.

Continue. Test your step. Name & turn your zap on.

Now, new Google Forms leads will automatically create a contact, account and opportunity for you in Salesflare. 😀

Your incoming leads tracking is fully automated! 💪

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