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How do I set up the MailChimp integration?
How do I set up the MailChimp integration?

How do I integrate MailChimp using Zapier?

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MailChimp to Salesflare

For a zap from MailChimp to Salesflare that does everything for you, use this quick and easy zap template:

Want to set it up yourself? Follow the below steps. Every number is a step in Zapier:

  1. Trigger on a "New subscriber" in MailChimp.

To get the website of the subscriber's company, use "Formatter by Zapier" > "Text" > "Split" > split the email address on the "@". Then use the second part.

2. "Create contact" with the data you have (first name & last name in name, email in email).

3. "Create account" using the result from the 'Formatter by Zapier' step as the website.

4. "Add contact to account" (with the ids you get in previous steps)

5. "Create opportunity" (using the account id from step 3)

Salesflare to MailChimp

For a zap from Salesflare to MailChimp, set it up effortlessly with this zap template:

To create it from scratch, the steps are the following:

  1. Trigger on a new Salesflare "Customer" contact. Just use the "New contact" trigger and filter on "Customers only".

2. To get the first name of the contact, use "Formatter by Zapier" > "Text" > "Split" > split the full name on the space. Then use the second part.

3. "Add subscriber" using the email address and first name. Add the subscriber to the list of your choice.

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