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How do I pull Intercom conversations into Salesflare?
How do I pull Intercom conversations into Salesflare?

Can I integrate my customer support app with Salesflare?

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Intercom can be integrated with Salesflare using Zapier.

You can set it up effortlessly with this zap template:

Or set it up from scratch by following these steps.

Part 1: Create test data

This becomes important later on when testing the zap in Zapier. This is a specific case for Intercom. Most other apps take the first record they find and use that as test data. Because Intercom uses fake data, you have to create a fake contact in your Salesflare app in order for the test to work in Zapier.

Create a contact in Salesflare with the email [email protected].

Then, create a new account with the contact "Intercom test".

Part 2: Setting up the integration

Go to and "Make A Zap".

Step 1: Trigger on New Conversation in Intercom

First, select Intercom (if it’s not listed immediately, just search for it).

Next, choose trigger: in this case, if you want your customers’ conversations to show up in Salesflare then select New Conversation.

Connect your Intercom account.

Save + continue.

Next, press Fetch & Continue (Zapier wants to test your Intercom account).

Done? Press Continue.

Step 2: Find Contact in Salesflare

This brings you to the Action step. Again, choose your app. This time, Salesflare. (Again, if it's not listed, just search for it.)

Next, Choose Action. Scroll down and select: Find Contact.

Connect your Salesflare account.

Save + Continue.

Next, in the Email section, use the dropdown menu to select User Email from the previous step.
Then Continue.

Press Search & Continue. Your test should be successful here because you created the fake Intercom contact in Part 1.

Press Finish.

Step 3: Create Internal Note in Salesflare

It's time to create an Action step. Press the big plus button in the circle on bottom left.

Next, choose your Action app. Select Salesflare.

Now, select Salesflare Action. Under Create, show less common options.

Select Create Internal Note. Save + Continue.

Under Account, select Use A Custom Value (advanced)

Next, under Custom Value for Account ID, scroll down and select Account ID from the previous step.

Under Body, you can insert whatever you'd like to show up in your Salesflare timeline when a new Intercom chat is started. An example is something like this:

To display the same message, insert the following into Body:
USER_NAME_FROM_INTERCOM started a conversation on Intercom - Subject: SUBJECT_FROM_INTERCOM - Message: BODY_FROM_INTERCOM - <a href="LINK_FROM_INTERCOM" target="_blank">Intercom conversation</a>

Make sure to replace all capital letters with the actual tags from the dropdown menu under Body > New Conversation.

The code at the end is required if you want a hyperlink for the Intercom conversation to appear. You can use any HTML code you'd like in internal notes in Salesflare.

Hit Continue. Then Create & Continue. Your test should be successful here because you created the Intercom Account with the fake contact in Part 1.

You can return to Salesflare where you'll find your test message in the timeline of the Intercom account.

Lastly, name & turn on your zap.

Voilà! Now all future new conversations in Intercom will be pushed through to your Salesflare account timelines without you lifting a finger. :-)

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