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Can I insert an image in my email workflow?
Can I insert an image in my email workflow?

I can send my contacts GIFs? 🙌

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Option 1:
Simply drag & drop your images/GIFS into the email compose window and resize them with ease. 

Option 2:

Insert with a simple copy-paste.

Just right click and copy image.
Open up your 'Create an email workflow' window.
Right click to paste image and voilà!

Option 3:
Insert an HTML code in these 3 basic steps.

Step 1: View HTML

Click 'View HTML' in the 'Create an email workflow' or email step screen.

Step 2: Insert code snippet

Simply add this line of HTML-code: 

<img src="IMAGE_URL"> 

Step 3: Add your image URL

Replace 'IMAGE_URL' with any url of an online image.

If you click 'Hide HTML', you will see the image.

Just finish typing your message and send. 🚀

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