What's the limit?

The email quota for sending out email workflows in Salesflare depends on the type of email address you have.

The breakdown:

G Suite

200 emails/hour
2000 emails/day


200 emails/hour
500 emails/day


200 emails/hour
2000 emails/day

Office 365

200 emails/hour
2000 emails/day


50 emails/hour
200 emails/day

If you go over the limit, don't worry. Salesflare will send the rest out automatically for you over the next hours/days. 💪

Why is this?

The reason there is a quota is because mail servers have limits on them.

They set their limits so people don't misuse them.
Some have smaller limits than others. We've made a balanced number to make sure you don't go over yours.

Otherwise, it risks your email getting blocked and/or you can't send emails anymore. No one wants that.

That's why we spread it out for you if your email workflow's number of recipients surpasses the quota. 

Happy emailing! 💌

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