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What's the email quota limit for workflows?
What's the email quota limit for workflows?

How many email workflows can I send per day?

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What's the limit?

The email maximum quota for sending out email workflows in Salesflare depends on the type of email inbox you have.

The breakdown:

Google Workspace (business - formerly G Suite)

200 emails/hour
2000 emails/day

Gmail (personal)

200 emails/hour
500 emails/day

Microsoft / Office 365 (business)

200 emails/hour
2000 emails/day / Hotmail (personal)

200 emails/hour
2000 emails/day

SMTP (custom)

50 emails/hour
200 emails/day

If you go over the limit, don't worry. Salesflare will send the rest out automatically for you over the next hours/days. πŸ’ͺ

Why is this?

The reason there is a quota is because mail servers have limits on them.

They set their limits so people don't misuse them.

Some have smaller limits than others. We've set it to a conservative number for custom SMTP connections to make sure you don't go over yours.

Otherwise, it risks your email getting blocked and/or you can't send emails anymore. No one wants that. (For more tips on how to avoid this, read this guide.)

That's why we spread it out for you if your email workflow's number of recipients surpasses the quota.Β 

Can I change my email quota?

Yes, you can change your quota as long as it respects the limits mentioned in this article. The lower you can set it the better, as this maximizes your chance that your emails keep hitting the email inbox. You can read more tips on maximizing email deliverability here.

You can do this by going to Settings > Email settings > Set quota.

Happy emailing! πŸ’Œ

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